Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 66

WHATS UP PEOPLE! this week was kinda crazy but it was a good one!

So to fill you in on our investigator, so far everything is still going good and we are expecting to go with our ward mission leader at one o'clock to pick him up and take him into a place where he can get help. So we are making really great progress with him and in 6 months after I'm gone he should be good to be baptized haha it'll take a little bit of work and meeting but we've got our foot in the door at least. i really have grown to love this man and I'm willing to do pretty much anything to help him. Its been interesting to see like other peoples points of views when it comes to him and his problems right now, and maybe its naive or like kind of liberal but i honestly love the guy and don't look at him differently for his trials. I think I've been blessed to be able to see him like God sees us even though were all flawed we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God but i feel like it doesn't matter, for me at least, what he has done because its already over but like the thing that matters more to me for him right now is what he is going to do in the near future. I think going through an extensive repentance process has helped a lot as a missionary, i wouldn't suggest it to anyone but its helped surprisingly more than i had ever thought. I think i understand a lot more than i used to the love God has for us and the power that comes through the Atonement. 

Also some pretty big news, since Elder Plumb is going home I'm getting a new companion here and his name is Elder Birky and I'm super excited! i served around him a lot, he was in my zone for the 5 transfers i was in Georgetown and 2 of them he was in my district and we get along pretty well. He's from Logan and played high school football and a lot of people say we look alike haha but I'm super excited, i think it'll be a really fun transfer. 

Other than that things are going good and there's a lot of work to be done here and a lot of potential for good so I'm excited to be here right now! 

​​So just to explain a few of these, the lady in the gray is Juana! shes from Peru (I cant get away from Peruvians haha) but she is the BEST! She was baptized with her son Ali like 3 years ago and she does so much for the missionaries and the ward here! most of the food we have in our fridge right now is from her! 

This is the Stanley family! They aren't Hispanic, they are from a place called chuuke! its some Micronesian island haha but these guys are awesome! they all served missions and speak very little English and no Spanish but they always want to go teaching with us and play basketball with us on pdays haha they're awesome! 

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