Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 3-"Go Amongst Thy Brethren, and Bear with Patience Thine Afflictions, and I Will Give Unto You Success."

April 24th
What's up! This week has been another crazy week!  Its been crazy!  Last Friday we were just in the middle of language class and these bull horn sirens started going off and my teachers just yelled vamonos haha so we went out in the middle of the street and were standing there for like 30 seconds when we all just felt the ground move and we looked over and some CCM buses were like shaking!  Turns out there was like a 8.3 earthquake in Mexico City haha there wasn't any damage near us but I think farther south in the city there was some damage.  We asked the teachers and they said that its pretty common here but it was still super exciting.  I guess my companion got a little over excited because a couple days later after gym time I was showering and all the sudden I hear this loud banging on the door and then I hear Pearson yelling EARTHQUAKE!!! haha and it was just the maintenance guys like drilling outside our house haha he's a total goof ball.  Its really super nice place here in the CCM its seriously like a Mexican resort.  There's a huge basketball gym, tennis courts, ping pong tables, a football field, a ton of computer labs, soccer fields haha the only thing we're missing is a hot tub!  It rains a ton almost every night any where between 4 and 7 will just be down pour and it just stops after that so I've been using dad Nike gold sweatshirt coat jacket thing a lot.  I love it here! I seriously thought I would hate it but its so fun.  I am kinda anxious to get to Kentucky though but at the same time I'm nervous to teach real live people.  I did  find your journal entries mom and they are such a huge help to me.  I read them almost every night before I go to bed.  I've been keeping up with my journal writing every  night too so hopefully I'll keep that up!  I was writing in my journal last night and I looked at my watch to see what day it was and it said 23rd and I just said freak! haha its momma's birthday!  I love you so much and hope you had a great day yesterday and just want you to know you are the best mother in the whole world! Tell Lily she shouldn't miss me to much because I'm just a mean nicky!  I miss her a ton and I'll send her a letter but it takes like 2 to 3 weeks to get here.  I finally got that letter you guys sent me on Tuesday!  I was so happy when I saw it!  How was Ashley's endowment?  I wish I could of been there for it!  I'm super excited for her to get married in 2 days but I really really wish I could be there!  Just out of curiosity what happened with my guitar? haha is she being taken care of?  I also need you guys to send me your Skype info like pronto.  I have to turn it in to the tech people or whatever so they know!  Im not sure if you knew this but I found out that I'm Elder Pamphlet haha in Spanish is Folleto (pronounced fojeto) haha so anytime I meet a Hispanic Elder I tell him that's my name and I always get a good laugh out of them.  How's jack doing?  I'm playing so much futbol here by the time I get home I'll be nutmegging him left and right haha!  How's Emma? is she still going to the temple every week?  I loved that picture in the backyard haha I crack up everytime I see it!  I showed everybody and they all thought Emma was my long lost twin or something haha.  If you guys get a chance check out the Mormon message by Quinton L. Cook called "Hope ya know, we had a hard time."  We watched it in class and I just thought it really applied to me and to our family so check that out.  I was studying in the morning one morning and I just couldn't think of what to read for some reason and I just thought in my head "Alma 26:27" and I turned there and it fit so well with my mission and it really strengthened my testimony and gave me so much more support if I ever needed it on my mission.  I love all you guys so so much and hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Follett

Picture of the week....Turns out Nacho Libre just means free nachos haha


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