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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Week 2-"I Will Go and I Will Do"

April 17, 2014
Week 2 has been amazing! So much has happened its hard to remember!  I actually ripped my pants because in one of our study breaks one of the hermanas threw a fruit loop in the air for me to catch in my mouth and I bent over backwards to catch it in my mouth and as soon as I did my pants ripped out haha but I sewed them back up and there good as ever!  This week has been kinda the start of rainy season but its still super hot!  It's like high 90's all day and at about 5 or 6 it just starts pouring rain!  It's super gorgeous here!  Yeah Mexico is a little higher elevation they said Utah is about 4 or 5 thousand feet and Mexico City is like 7 thousand so yeah that's probably why I got such a bad nose bleed!  Here is the picture from the clinica!

My district here seriously feels like my second family and I don't think i'd be doing as good as I am without them!  It's nice to know at least one other person going to Kentucky as well! One of our zone leaders is a guy from Westlake, Utah but he lived in Kentucky like 6 months before his mission and went on splits with the missionaries a lot there and said its super great work and there's a lot of it!  I'm super excited to get out there!  I feel like my Spanish has finally clicked just a little and I'm finally able to say actual sentences and it's helped a lot!  I still have along long way to go thought haha but for two weeks I feel pretty good!  We have been learning a lot lately about how to teach people and not lessons and so we watched a couple of these little videos called 1 in 8 million.  There like little short stories of random people in New York City and its really cool to watch and just see peoples lives and how the lord has blessed or tested them and whether or not they recognize that its the Lord.  I've really gotten into the Book of Mormon like never before and I'm super excited to read it every day.  I hope that that attitude doesn't just last on my mission but I hope I'll be able to continue appreciating it for the rest of my life.  How is everyone doing?  Ashley only has like one more week!  I'm super sad I can't be there and have just been trying not to think about it.  Tell Lily and Emma I miss them a ton and love them!  I really miss jack a ton I wish he could be my companion haha have you guys got a Skype account yet?  I was so happy when I found out I got to see you guys on Mother's Day!  My companion was called as the district leader which is really cool! He is only 18 and he's a great guy but being with someone constantly is super hard but I've just been trying to be super patient and we had a weekly interview with our branch president and he just randomly told me in my interview that sometimes were called to be a Nephi and sometimes we're called to be a Sam and that even though he's not mentioned or he wasn't as important character as Nephi, Sam still received the same blessings from the Lord and so that' kinda been my motivation for the week.  I know its not as cool or as important as being a leader but I'm just trying to keep the spirit with me at all times and not have any contentious thoughts and I know the Lord will bless me. I love  all you guys so much and hope everyone starts to feel better.

One of the hermanas took this picture!  These are the guys in my district!  Me and Pearson are in the middle and Brown is on the left and Virtue is on the right!  Virtue is hilarious he reminds me of Joe Cosby haha were good friends.  Love you all!! Talk to you again next week!
Love Elder Follett

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