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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The CCM in Mexico City

April 2, 2014
We made it to Mexico!  It is super humid here, I'm already sweating! I don't have much time but my P day is on Thursday but I'm not sure if it starts tomorrow or next week so I'll either email you again tomorrow or next week!  I love you so much!  My address is
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal Mexico

Mexico is so amazing!  It is so huge and so beautiful here!  I wish you could see it!  I have an awesome companion his name is Elder Pearson and he is from Vernal Utah!  He is only 18 and he graduated early and is going to New Jersey on his mission!  The food here is actually really good but a lot of people don't like it but I thought it was great!  There is so much that has happened today it's been crazy!  When we flew into Dallas we flew right over Marcus High School and I saw our old house so that was pretty cool! It is so crazy here in Mexico!  It's super humid and hot and the people drive like so crazy!  There was one sister on my flight who going to Kentucky also so that was pretty cool! Brandon Eldridge is in my same house!  This place is so huge! I never knew! It's like 90 acres and there's so much stuff to do! I'm excited to get to my first day of studying and learning tomorrow!  I got all my name tags which is super cool!

April 10, 2014
Mi Familia
What's up family! Its crazy here in the CCM! I'm so happy I got sent here it's a great experience.  I've made so many friends and seriously love everyone here!  I can only email once a week on Thursdays which is my p day and I only have an hour!  My companion is Elder Pearson from Verna, Utah and he's a great guy! I'm learning so much here! My days are super super busy it's unreal!  I wake up and am constantly working until I go to bed! Brandon Eldridge is here so most people at the CCM know me as sinerita folletta or abolita folletta which means my little grandma hahaha.  How is everyone doing?  I miss all you guys! Tell dad I love him so much and miss him and every time I sing hymn in my Spanish hymn book I'm reminded of him!  I'm so happy I'm here guys! I miss you all a ton!  There's another hermana in my district who is going to Kentucky so that's pretty coll!  Most everyone in my district is going back to the states!  There are 4 elders and 4 hermanas in my district.  I love you all so much!  I'll send you pictures in another email!

The language is coming slowly but a lot better then I thought! I've already made a trip to the local CCM hospital haha but I wouldn't be nick if I didn't! I got a super bad bloody nose haha like it wouldn't stop bleeding for an hours so they put like some ice mask on and a big apron and shoved some gauze like 2 full inches up my nose haha the lady there took a picture of it and she's going to email it so I'll send you guys the picture once the lady sends it to me. Your typical breakfast here at the CCM.

I've been so blessed the whole time here at the CCM.  I seriously have never felt the spirit stronger.  I feel like the lord has blessed me with having the spirit constantly with no distractions at all and I feel so happy because of that.  My testimony of prayer and the Book of Mormon have grown so much.  We've already taught 4 lessons to our fake investigator in Spanish and I feel like its improving every time I teach!  I look forward to it even though it's super hard.  I'm working super hard and am always busy.  We get like an hour a day for gym time and we've been playing futbol with all the Hispanic elders and its super fun.  I wish I would have thanked you more for being such an amazing and valiant mother and always teaching me what's right.  I love you mom! I miss you a lot!  Tell Lily I'll send her a letter today but it might take a while to get there!  I miss all you guys a ton! Tell everyone I love them! I miss Emma and Jack and Ashley and Lily and you and dad and Kelsi and Stephen and Belle!  I'm so happy I'm able to make this sacrifice for the Lord and can't wait to see what he has in store for me.
Love Elder Follett

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