Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 94

Whats up people! we had a really good week this week, the weather wasnt too big of an issue which was good. 

Tuesday we went out with a member to visit some families in the ward and this member is a semi-retired cop here in Louisville and we heard some pretty interesting stories haha but it was a good time we went and visited a few widows in the ward here. 

Wednesday we taught a man named Hermes(Cubans always have crazy names haha) and he was pretty accepting of the gospel and accepted a baptismal date for late February so that's pretty exciting. 

Thursday we had a Zone Conference in New Albany and received some great training from President Brough. In Zone Conference its tradition for all the departing missionaries to share their testimonies at the end so i got to share mine which was really weird! i felt like i was giving my goodbye speech but i still have like 2 months left haha crazy!  Thursday i also did an exchange with an Elder in New Albany which was really fun, we learned a lot from each other. 

Friday we had a really good lesson with José and talked about Alma 32 with him. He has been up and down with his feelings and testimony but our lesson was really good and the spirit was super strong.

Saturday we  found the worlds most golden Cuban haha his name is Yordanis (again with the Cuban names haha) but we talked to him a little and found out that he had read about the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith so we taught him about the restoration and before we even invited him to read the Book of Mormon he said "can i have this book? i need to read it!" haha and then before we could invite him to church he said "what time is church tomorrow?" haha he sadly didnt make it yesterday but he did accept the invitation to be baptized in February so were pretty excited to keep teaching these Cubans! Viva Fidel! just kidding Cubans hate that guy haha

Sometimes in missionary work, you never get fed hardly any meals, until one day when all the stars align and every body you see wants to feed you and that's exactly what happened yesterday haha we had three meals in a row but you gotta love it! My companion hardly doesnt eat anything either so he would like dumb his food over to me like i was the dog under the table haha

Anyway hope yall have a great week! love you!

Para siempre Dios esté con vos! 

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