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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 86

Whats up people! This week was another one haha it has definitely been a finding week! but we didn't find to many people haha how do i say this, i don't wanna say that this week sucked but we are struggling to find people to teach! we've seen a ton of less active members and we've tried really hard to find new people but we just haven't had much luck. We are planning on changing a few things and i'm pretty excited to keep going. we had a lesson last night with a less active member and in the middle of the lesson his wife came in and we were able to teach her which was really difficult haha she is from Vietnam and doesnt speak much english. (or spanish haha) but she works as a nail doing lady or whatever its called and she is NEVER home but we were finally able to teach her and it went really good. before we left she made us a HUGE plate of Vietnamese food which was cool! 

Jose is doing super good, he is still fighting some pretty big battles but he has been doing super well and progressing a lot. I really love that guy! we were talking with him this week and he was telling us that he was a different kind of convert because he was never religious before like he wasnt catholic before or baptist before but he said he feels like he's 100% Mormon haha the more i think about it the more i realize how Golden he was! like because he knew nothing about religion or God before he had like no preconceived notions of false teachings embedded into him and even though he wasnt actively searching, just because he was open all we had to do was teach him true doctrine and the spirit worked in him and conversion was a natural process. Super cool to be a part of and to see the change in him. 

Well people, hope you have a great week and a happy thanksgiving! Love you! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!

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