Kentucky, Louisville Mission

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 81

Whats up people! This week went pretty good! days and weeks and eventually months just keep running together so ill try to remember what happened this week haha i think the most important and excited thing is that Jose finally accepted a baptismal date! its been a long time coming but we have 3 investigators with a date and their dates are all for like the Saturday before ill probably be transferred here so i'm working really hard to get them baptized before i get transferred haha  but its been going really good.

Tuesday we had a multizone conference which went really good and after i went on an exchange with the new albany Elders and did more tracting than i had ever done in my whole mission haha it wasnt very successful or fun but it was a good learning opportunity! I interviewed one of their investigators who got baptized on saturday which was cool.

One of our baptismal dates texted us at 3 in the morning this week and told us, and i quote, "brother, he is here and he is telling me to be submerged in the river of his spirit, hallelujah praises be the lord" and so at 3 in the morning i read that and thought to myself, no im probably just not reading it right since its 3 in the morning so i went back to bed and the next morning sure enough it said the same thing haha so we were a little concerned but he ended up moving to Texas a few days latter haha so the missionaries in Texas will get to keep teaching him. 

Later that week i did another baptismal interview for some spanish sisters here in Louisville which was pretty cool.  it took up a long time because it was a pretty far drive but it was a good interview.

Over all things are going really good here, time is going faster and faster everyday its crazy!

Love you guys, hope you have a great week! 

Para siempre Dios esté con vos!  

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